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I'm also an IBS-A, but I really don't obsess too much about the C. I come here and read the boards on D because that is the part that makes me so freaking anxious and afraid to travel far from a loo.A few months ago I started Paxil and while it has relaxed me considerably, it made me unbearably constipated -- until something made me REALLY nervous and the floodgates opened, despite the Paxil. I have since started taking my nightly dose of Paxil along with 3 stool softener capsules and I'm getting to be much more like a "regular" person. Does that make you snicker --- I'm mortified of getting stuck in traffic and crapping myself, yet I take a maximum dose of stool softeners every night. What irony.For what it's worth, they are docusate sodium (store brand of Colace) and my internist told me I can take them long term without harm. Eating fiber and supplementing with Benefiber just didn't seem to help sufficiently.Anyway, I would welcome an IBS-A board or thread as well.
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