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A Soup for All ???

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G I read this article on the CNN website yesterday and it trigger my mind on the kinds of soup I eat when I'm bloated. It's a variation of Tom Yum. If you can't eat certain vegies just substitute it with something you can. The essential ingredients I use are lemongrass (alot), ginger (alot), mushrooms and fresh basil. ****ake and straw mushrooms works best.If you can't take spicy ingredients, don't use tom yum paste, use fish stock and add a bit of fish sauce. If you can't take sour then don't add lime juice or tamarine. If you don't like fish, use chicken stock and add a dash of sesame oil. If you don't like all of the above, how about japanese miso soup? You can find all the above ingredients in an asian supermarket.When I've got an appetite for a horse, I add buckwheat noodles aka Japanese soba noodles into my soup. I find it easier to digest.Tiramisu
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