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A theory, guess or something please?

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I posted on this topic before, but I don't think I got much of a reaction, so I'm trying again.Many of us have indicated that we see patterns in when our symptoms occur. For many of us it is in the morning (same here)...for others it is after the evening meal (not me), but I've noticed a pattern that I think might be the key to me feeling better...yet I can't figure it out...My IBS has been occuring in a weekly pattern in recent months. On Mondays, I don't go or go very urge, no pain, no nothing. On Tuesdays, I have one large, well-formed stool which passes easily. Then, either later Tuesday morning or Wednesday morning, I begin having the narrow, uncomfortable stools that many of us are all too familiar with. If I'm lucky, these will stop by the weekend, but sometimes they persist until Sunday or Monday.So what do you think is going on? The last time I posted, and was thinking about this, I figured that I was only having significant caffiene on the weekends, so I stopped. That's been several weeks (or months ago) and I still have this pattern. I no longer use caffiene in any form now. Could the ebb and flow of activity/sleep cause this? If so, why does going to bed earlier during the week not help? I don't think I really eat any differently on the weekends anymore...since ditching the I'm really puzzled here.
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My symptoms are completely random. Morning, night, Monday, Thursday. It has no preference and rarely, no notice.I eat mainly scrambled eggs and toast in the AM, soup at lunch and chicken and rice for dinner. No snacks, no ####, some days I am great. Other days I can't leave the house.
brita--I suppose I ought to be thankful to have some level of predictability, but I guess I feel like that which is predictable can be studied and changed. I wonder, though why it is that we're so different...we both have IBS...and from what I see of your diet, we both eat similarly. Here's a question for you, then, is your sleeping pattern fairly regular? I go to sleep between 10 and 10:30 and the alarm goes off at 6--except on the weekends...bedtime is about the same, but on Sundays I at least sleep until 7...and occasionally as late as 8 or 8:30.
Yes be very thankful to be able to kinda predict it!! I have no idea when it's going to strike!! I do know it does strike more often after a large meal, preferably in the evening. But sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes I wake up with it. I hate not knowing whats going on in there. And at moments notice I can feel great, then be very ill!Jennifer
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