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abdominal pain

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I'm male and 43 I'm 5'6" tall 178lbsHere is the problem I have pain that feel like inflammation/soreness than goes from right to left right under the rib cage down to my belly button, in the shape of a cross,if I push on my lower intestines either right of left there is pain. Been going on for about 2 years. No black tarry stools, no vomiting, a little weight loss due to not eating as much....After I eat there is pain and fullness feeling, I can't tell if the pain originates in the stomach....Tests had done:Ultrasound, Abbdominal/pelvic CT scan, barium enema, Hida scan, numereous blood tests, liver panel tests, hepititis blood tests, abdominal Xrays...everything comes back normal....Any Ideas thanks
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