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My son came home the other day very upset with his Social Studies teacher. It seems she had given them a test on current affairs and one of the questions was to explain Health Care Reform. I didn't blame him for being upset, even as a Health Guide, I still cannot quite get a grip on the whole subject.

Health insurance, on the other hand, is something I know plenty about. In my practice as a psychologist, it seems like I have seen it all when it comes to health insurance companies - the good, the bad, and the absolutely absurd. When you are gifted with good health, the quality of your health insurance is not such a big deal. When you are dealing with a chronic health condition like IBS, you want to make sure that your health insurance is going to cover the costs and services that are essential to your care.

Many times, your options for health insurance are limited to the company that your employer chooses. Other times, you are given a choice. If that is the case, then you will want to read this wonderful article written by Michael Bihari, M.D., Guide to Health Insurance:

In his article, Dr. Bihari outlines five steps you should take to determine if the plan you choose is best suited to your health needs. Perhaps one day there will be the kind of health care reform that ensures everyone access to the best care. Until then, you become your most essential advocate. Dr. Bihari's article is an excellent resource for doing just that.

Choosing a Health Insurance Company originally appeared on Irritable Bowel Syndrome on Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 at 05:36:31.

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