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Past research has shown that the quality of your relationship with your doctor can have a positive effect on your IBS symptoms. A recent study took a deeper look into what factors are involved in this positive effect. According to the study abstract, complex statistical analyses were conducted on data that was collected from 289 IBS patients. I did my best to try to sort throught the results to see if any of this information would be helpful to you. The one nugget that I gleaned was that subjects who did not receive a supportive relationship with their practitioner did have a better treatment outcome if they were given the opportunity to discuss their illness in the context of what the researchers called an "experiential interview".

Your takeaway? Speak up! Tell your story! Yes, I know the symptoms are embarrassing, but they are only descriptions of common body functions, not a reflection of you as a person. This study fits right in with the ongoing forum discussion regarding IBS awareness and advocacy. If you can't find anyone who will listen, feel free to post on my forum. As Dr. Frazier Crane says "I'm listening".

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[sub]Conboy, L.A., Macklin, E., Kelley, J., Kokkotou, E., Lembo, A., & Kaptchuk, T. "Which patients improve: Characteristics increasing sensitivity to a supportive patient-practitioner relationship." Social Science and Medicine November 2007 Articles in Press.[/sub]

The Importance of Telling Your IBS Story originally appeared on Irritable Bowel Syndrome on Friday, November 20th, 2009 at 09:57:30.

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