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A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about a lawsuit in which an employee claimed she was unfairly terminated from her job due to IBS:

My blog drew the following comment:

"I'd fire her too, what grown up can't use the restroom properly and expect to stay employed. At least buy some Depends if you're that worried about your job."​

While I respect everyone's right to their opinion, (and I certainly welcome blog comments!), this particular comment made me sad. Where is the compassion? Can this commenter not imagine how desperate a person would have to be to resort to using a wastebasket for a bowel movement? This woman reportedly had been an excellent employee for many years. Does that get thrown out of the window due to a health condition? Did that writer never experience an embarrassing digestive symptom? Not even to pass some wind in public? Again, I say "Where is the compassion?"

<What do you think? Was this writer right on the money or do you agree with me that they could use some sensitivity training? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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