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I too fear being away from a bathroom, even if my IBS-D isn't acting up. The anxiety can trigger my D when I'm away from home.

Initially, I was given a 2 week free trial of Viberzi from my Gastro and after the pre-warned 1st 4 days of constipation, I had tremendous success on Viberzi. But my insurance eventually disapproved it and I tried the 2 week antibiotic Xifaxan with little to no success.

Recently had my 3rd colonoscopy and my new Gastro recommended I try soluble fiber, so for the last 3 or 4 days, I've taken 1 capsule of psyllium(Target brand) with my lunch and dinner meal. It seems to have slowed my digestion of food because(knock on wood), I haven't had an episode of my IBS-D immediately after eating like I normally do. It hasn't helped with the anxiety of not being near a bathroom(wouldn't expect it to help with that) but I thought I'd share something that may provide some relief.

I notice your last post was nearly a month ago, have you taken the Viberzi and if so, what do you think?
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