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I've had IBS-D for about 15 years now. I usually have to go to the bathroom at least once pretty urgently in the morning, and sometimes again in the evening (especially if I have a large meal). I'm almost certain that the primary factor in my IBS-D is psychological stress / anxiety. I've tried some stress medications, and they've had varying levels of success (none that have been satisfactory) but I detest the side effects and had to get off of them.

One of my biggest issues, and I assume an issue for most IBS-D sufferers, is the constant quest to make sure there's a bathroom nearby. As I said, I generally only have to use the bathroom once or twice a day, but just the fear of not having one nearby is enough to potentially cause me to have to go.

This year I will be taking a trip with family to Europe. We will be touring several locations by tour bus. This means hours of driving on a bus with no access to a bathroom, random sporadic stops and no promise of an easily accessible bathroom at any of the destinations. This is easily an IBS-D sufferer's worst nightmare scenario, and I'm trying to figure out what I can do to prepare for it.

I've been reading up on the drug Viberzi and have heard good things about it. I understand that it's not for people who've had their gallbladders removed, and fortunately I have mine. I have discovered that my private insurance doesn't cover this drug, which is surprising given that it's a very premium plan. I assume this must mean that most private insurance plans do not yet cover the drug. I've found a manufacturer's discount card that says I can get a 90 day supply for $30 with three refills (for what I assume would be a 1 year supply).

A few questions for anyone who cares to answer:

1. Has anyone else on here pursued this drug with a Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Elect Preferred Value Plus plan (or something similar)? If so, how much did you end up paying for the drug?

2. Has anyone had success in relieving general urgency with this drug?

3. Has anyone had any 'long-term' experience with this? I understand that it's a relatively new drug, but I'm curious if it remains effective over the long term.

4. What makes this drug any better at all than a few Imodium?

I will be talking to my doctor about this within the next few days, and hope to have a prescription in-hand soon. Any info or advice would be appreciated!


All I know is that I can't take it because my gall bladder has been removed.
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