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Acidophilus...Could this help?

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Recently I was told by a friend that she takes 2 Acidophilus tablets,and 2 St.John's Wort tablets,every night before bed..and that it works 99.9% of the time.Has anyone else had any success with taking the acidophilus?I'd like to get your information.------------------ShyOne (D-type)
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Hi Shyone
Ive been taking Acidophilus capsules for the past 3 yrs regularly twice a day, I can honestly say that I dont think it has improved my ibs, perhaps it mightve prevented it from worsening
. Still, I continue to take acidophilus not only for intestinal tract reasons but also for cuz its conducive for healthy female reproductive system (per obgyn Doc). Ive never tried st. John's wart, so cant add any info here.Take Care
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HI ShyOne:I have been taking acidophilus for quite some time now, and I do feel that it has helped somewhat. I am less gassy then before, and whenever I've had to take antibiotics it has kept me from getting the D that I usually get from antibiotics.You might want to look over in our News section, where there have been a lot of good articles posted recently on this. Also, if you do a search here on either acidophilos or probiotics, we've talked about it a lot. You can see what other people have to say.Good luck!JeanG
Thank you both,and I will look into the old post for more info.------------------ShyOne (D-type)
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