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I have always been labeled IBS (D) but in the last 6 months I have had different kinds of problems---I get VERY SEVERE cramps for hours and hours and then some D (but not bad) and this pain goes on all day with chills and shakes--I have taken Donnatol which really wipes me out but possibly helps "a little" (bentyl doesn't seem to do anything)--lomotil helps but I can't take the chance of binding up because of my diverticulosis!--My Dr. has suggested just taking MORE donnatol!!--I haven't tried lybrax--is it any different?---I fear something else is going on to cause such extreme pain--??I don't go to the hospital first cause I couldn't make it there, and I'm afraid what they may do to me!!!Could this be a form of Chrohns??-I haave had colonoscopies which show "normalAny suggestions--I can't take this kind of pain any moreThanks
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