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Ad in Local Paper Against Lotronex

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Folks - Saw this ad in local paper today. You can't miss it - it is about 4X6 and very large print says: HEALTH ALERTLotronexThe manufacturer of LOTRONEX has withdrawn this drug from the market. Lotronex was intended to treat irritable bowel syndrome which may cause lower abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea. Some patients have developed severe constipation, colitis,bloody stools and infections . . . while some have even died! If you or a family member have taken this drug, call Gordon R. Crawford & Associates today. You may have a claim for the physical harm you have suffered. GRC, Gordon R. Crawford &Associates225-926-HURT or 800-889-1313 I intend to all them tomorrow and let them know how Lotronex helped me and so many others. And, if they get any calls to sue, to as the folks if they have any leftover Lotronex and I will buy it from them. By the way, this is in "The Advocate," local paper in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This to me is like ambulance chasing! This cannot help our cause and is very disappointing. Marilyn
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Marilyn, note the "HURT" in the one phone number. "Ambulance Chaser" is an understatement. This guy's two steps below that.I've seen ads on television by a large California Law/Scum-Bag firm doing the same thing.Don't you wish we could all have a magicwand that we could wave to give people like this a severe case of IBS, them we could throw them 10 Lotronex tabs and ask them to post here daily giving some detail of what they're experiencing knowing their Lotro will soon be gone.I'm not a cruel person, but people like this deserve that kind of experience.Venting completed ...... Bud
I live in an area where we get three ABC channels, two NBC channels, two CBS channels, and two FOX channels. I have seen about 4 different law firms doing this same thing within our four state area. It is quite disturbing to me. Also, what bothers me, is that anyone who knew that Lotronex was what I was taking, AND who has seen one of these ads, are harping on me big time for taking such a "dangerous drug". These ads have made the general public more aware of he few cases of ill effects from Lotronex, which could be detriemntal to getting it back on the market. These ads are more harmful than the newspaper articles and news reports that have been done. I guess because of society's view that once an attorney is involved, the case really IS serious. I wish there was something that could be done about these ads, but I haven't come up with, or been informed of a workable solution.Okay, there's my view of this subject!!Aimee Lashlee
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