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Hi my name is Lachlan Ryan and I'm a student at the University of Adelaide. This semester I have signed up to participate in the Australian eChallenge. The eChallenge is a competition based learning program, where students get the chance to develop early stage entrepreneurship ideas.

Our team, is a group of five Adelaide University students, who undertake studies in medicine, health psychology and computer sciences. There are different streams within the eChallenge, and we have signed up to the medical innovations stream. Our idea is to create a free medical application for individuals with Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS)

In our early stage of research and develop, we were hoping to gain some first hand feedback regarding IBS, and your personal experience with the symptoms associated to such. Along with hopefully some suggestions, to design our application to better suit you.

Our survey is divided into two parts. The first, understanding your experiences with IBS, the second, better understanding how we can design our application to suit you. If you could take the time to fill out one or both of the following surveys, your time would be greatly appreciated, and your feedback would mean the world to us!

Surveys are completely anonymous. We choose to use the survey platform Qualtrics, due to its user friendliness, popularity, data security, and as students at Adelaide University have free access to it.

The following are the two links to our survey,

Part One:

Part Two:

Thanks again for your all your feedback!
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