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hi leighI know exactly what you are going through. I also have IBS D/C and the worst part is that in treating one, you often throw yourself to the other. I think like me, you tend to treat the D more than the C since it's worse in terms of accidents/ situations. here are a few suggestions for the trip. use immodium, even as a preventive measure - just make sure you don't load up too much. Bring along safe foods if possible. While foods aren't a real trigger for me, if under stress, there are foods that tend to be more problematic for me. I love Luna bars.Also, make contigency plans. what's the worst that can happen and how to deal with it. and then put it on the back burner. I've gotten through a lot of troubling situations with this. By the way, all this includes be open and up front with people about my IBS. I don't give gory details but if I'm in a situation which might warrant a dash some place, I tell people ahead of time. It takes some of the pressure offin the long run, I have other suggestions. I take a fiber supplement, a calcium/magnesium supplement and do hypno for my IBS C/D. They all really help although I find the hypno is the best thing. it's not a quick fix though. neither is fiber or the cal/mag. but they all help. as a matter of fact, I tend to tkae more calcium when traveling or worried about D. but it will also constipate too much sometimes so be careful.have a great trip!nancy
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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