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I agree with nmwinter's advice. I am an IBS D and C. When I went on vacation this summer, I took the Imodium during the "driving days". I took only one pill to start with so I wouldn't cause the C to be too bad. I took my safe foods to help keep the tummy under control as much as possible. A new food I found on vacation was Odwalla bars. I had never had them and was looking for a snack at the deli. They contain no dairy which is a big no-no for me. I also agree with being upfront. I went on vacation with my husband, 4 kids, mom, dad, and brother and his family. Everyone knows I have the "bad tummy" so everyone cut me a break. The few days that I didn't feel good, I stayed in my room for a while until I felt better and then went on my way. I told everyone else to go sightseeing and come back for me in a few hours. I took magazines to read. The other thing that helped me was music. When we were driving (7 hour drive) I put my favorite music on so that I would forget about thinking of the "what could happen" situations. It kept my mind busy.Good luck on trip. Try to have a good time.
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