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Dont panic. Youll have a great time. I envy you. First dates are always nervwracking, whether youre 16 or 116 (and clearly youre neither of these- but somewhere in between!) & the key is - dont try too hard, be yourself.Bear in mind that Turkey is a civilised 21st century country. Having said that, water quality in the sticks & in some hotels can be a little iffy (as it can also be in France, Britain, the US or anywhere)- so stick to cooked food, to be ultra safe - but bear in mind that, although this will help to reduce your chances of food poisoning, it has nowt to do with IBS. Your past experiences are the best guide to minimising that.And, just so you know, you can't get bird flu from eating cooked chickens or eggs (just be careful how cheeky you get with the live ones though ...)
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