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Hi I'm newFirst year UBC student, looking to major in computer scienceI don't know for SURE that I have IBS, but I certainly have all the symptoms and for years I put this off hoping i'll eventually 'grow' out of it IE puberty because this is really not something I wish to even talk to my parents about. Heck I just spent an hour looking up the symptoms and diagnostics - while I'm being optimistic and hope that it isn't cancer or anything - it seems everything diagnostic will be a pain in the ass... Another incentive not to go to the doctor.When I am really nervous, for example, public speaking or a really big test (or when I have to go to the doctor, and I went to the doctor a lot, juvenile anklelosing sponklelitis or something spelled that way, in short, arthritis), I find that it is most helpful to have a restroom within 30 second distance. Other times some days I may actually feel okay while others is filled with D and bad case of gas (like now). I don't drink coffee or tea, but I found that I have a really bad reaction to coke or pepsi so these days I avoid them - but it's become such a daily occurance that some days I still just drink them because heck, it won't make much of a difference anyhow. I am going to try to stop drinking milk/avoid dairy products for a week and eat the rest like I always do and see what happens. D or whatever else would usually come in minutes after ingestion of a meal, or sometimes triggered by coke or air conditioning in shopping centers.I definitely have lots of stress going on and chronic fatigue too, which has caused me to be disinterested in everything and prefer to be a couch potatoe (on that note, I don't do that much excercise, but University means I'll walk at least an hour a day now).Since another month with IBS will be, well, another month, should I go see a doctor immediately (I know thats the best thing to do)? Would I be able to avoid all those um, uncomfortable tests (even if they do hit me on the head with a frying pan and then do it...) given my symptoms? Preparations for those tests etc will be tough on me cause I want to stay in school and all, too. I will make it a priority to see the doctor after I talk to my parents about this, but I've been reading that there are a few medicines available that made a life difference for some - any over the counter drugs I shoudl try before I have the time to visit the hospital?As for why I waited years to come out about this. One already mentioned that I just thought I can live with it and it will go away (and after reading the IBS self help site I'm not sure it ever will), so now I guess I must do something about it (preferably something in a pill form...).Also I do have hormone imbalance (left breast growing) which I should go see the doctor anyway
Arthritis and IBS, wow,I'm in deep ****.I know most of you probably had it worse than me, so I guess we understand each other on this... I'm far more comfortable behind a computer locked in my own dorm, but even typing this is... well... I hope you all understand, and if you are wondering how I am coping with my symptoms up until now - I hold it.Hi, I'm Mac_Bug, and I have IBS (at least I hope I do at this stage, anything else could potentially be worse)...
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I know you don't want to hear this, but, yes, going to a doctor is the best route. Some offices are open on Saturdays (not sure about BC, tho) for procedures, tests, etc. Without an accurate diagnosis, it's hard to determine what will be the best thing for you to do. Calcium has helped many people who are a D-type and I took an antispasmotic. Also, check out the Young Adult's Issues forum - lots of people there in the same boat as you.
I'm going to at least make an effort to document my diet (dorm food) and avoid milk for a week, and I'll see what happens. I'll also get some calcium tablets going and see if it improves any next week, and follow that up with immodium I guess. It'll be a while before I have time to head up to the doctors, I'm going to see whether the hospital on campus can do anything about it.I read that some people got their life back by taking antidepressants, but I'm not too sure cause usually I tend to think anyone taking prozak is a loon - but then I think I'm a loon too.Thanks for the help.
I think that's a good start. I also did a food diary and it helped identify some of my trigger foods. Good luck.
Dear Mac:A food diary and a stressor diary is very important. It sounds like you have IBS, but I can't urge you strongly enough to go to the doctor. I know you are busy, but your health is more most important asset. If you get on some meds it's going to make school and everything else sooooo much easier. A colonoscopy will only keep you home one day. You do the prep at night.Best of luck, m-
Start with the doctors on campus. I was diagnosed first witha "spastic colon" when I was in college. They examined me, did a test (upper GI) to rule out ulcer and sent me on my way. Unfortunately, they were no help to me in figuring out what to do except throw Donnatol at me - that came a few years later with a doc who gave me the IBS diagnosis (same thing, different name) and talked about using fiber and diet to help. about the anti-depressants. the reason they work for people is that they can be used to regulate the serotonin in the nervous system in your gut as well as in your brain - there is a definite connection. out of whack serotonin seems to be the cause of problems than the obvious depression - I had a doc talk to me about it for migraine treatment for the same reason. I didn't go that route since my my migraines aren't that bad. nancy
Ankylosing Spondylitis is an autoimmune disease (as is my Graves disease). Those with one autoimmune diesease are susceptible to developing another. For this reason alone, I would go to the doctor and have them check your thyroid (as thyroid problems cause GI problems) and other autoimmune diseases. You will most likely have to lead the doc by the nose to go this route.Best of luck to you!
if you are going to try something with your diet I would recommend longer than a week. As a girl I know I have monthly changes in my hormone levels which affect how I feel. If I made a change in the 'right' week I could wrongly assume it was the right change, maybe along a course of three months you'll get a better idea... Im presuming also that men have ups and downs in their hormones, just as us women get frisky and start looking 'elsewhere' apparenbtly, mens hormones make them more attentive and wanna butter us up. cool coincidence by nature.. ?As for all the other stuff, well good luck - Im sure you and your doc and the people here can help get you going in the right direction at leastSue
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