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This is how I view it.You have a complex nervous system in your abdomen that controls every aspect of digestion and senses every aspect of digestion.This nervous system is connected to your brain.What is going on in your brain/mind sends signals to the GI tract. You also have connections from your brain to the mast cells that are in the GI tract. When the mast cells are triggered either from your nervous system or immune system they will cause diarrhea. (basically this is the how to flush stuff you don't want in your body out as quickly as possible)What goes on in your brain can effect what goes on in your gut. Basically I think that when you have unusual amounts of GI symptoms there is something wrong in the gut's nervous system. Your mind/brain can effect that. It can increase the symptoms or decrease the symptoms (which is how I think CBT and hypnotherpay work...they train you to use your mind/brain to alter your symptoms through the nervous system. Kinda like a feedback system. You can either send a "keep it up more more" signal or a "knock it off stop stop" signal. For most of us stress tends to send "keep it up more more" signals).So it isn't strictly "all in your head" that is if we cut your head off and put it on someone elses body (with no symptoms) you would feel the same things because they aren't real, just psychologically created with no basis in reality. There is something real and physical going on, *and* the brain has direct connection with what is real and physically causing symptoms. This connection can reinforce or diffuse the real physical thing going on.K.
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