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All You IBSers w/ fear of this...

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Just wanted to let you know you're not on Rosie an actress named Denise Richards admitted that she is afraid of vomiting and being around anyone who has the stomach flu. She said she hasn't vomited for years and avoids anyone who is sick w/ vomiting illnesses. She also said it has gotten worse as she's older and she now carries a Lysol spray w/ her and sprays phones, etc...esp when travelling. Anyway I was surprised she admitted this on national Tv especially since she's also a new, young actress and not sure how people would view her. So you guys are not alone...I too am afraid of vomiting or seeing people do it (except my kids) but don't think I let it rule my life....and don't want to..
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hey made me laugh out loud!!too funny...thanks...
Lucia...just wanted to mention..that the Flu Shot does not protect you from stomach flus...only influenza type flus and even than can't get every strain...there are so many. Wish they had a vaccine for stomach flu/viruses
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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