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You can help yourself to get well. I have, and YOU can too. go to You DO NOT have to buy the book to begin the therapy. Go to the support site listed there[/URL] For less than $15--you can begin to reverse this DD! I am on week 6 of guai. My headaches are intermittent now instead of 24/7. My neck and base of head pain is now a 2 was 9.5 to 11 before. I took my boys shopping for 10 HOURS!!! straight!!!! I was fine the next day...I couldn't believe it either!! ...Please PLease Please, come join our list...order your guai, get rid of your sals...It will change your life...and then, you, too, will want to help others who are wasting away with this DD! I love you all-- I have been where you've been. Les
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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