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aloe vera juice

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I've mentioned on more than one occassion that aloe vera juice seemed to help me out a bit. Well, someone else recently pointed out that aloe vera juice can also send you rushing to the toilet if you drink too much of it. My stomach has seemed a little *weaker* in that respect, whenever I've drank a lot of juice. I never put the two together and I'm glad someone pointed it out. D hasn't been a serious concern of mine since I've made dietary changes, fortunately.
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Hi Ken..eweee aloe vera is so brother has a allergy to wheat and he swears that A.V is the greatest thing to keep you healthy. I tried drinking it and it honestly made me feel so nauseated I felt like I was going to throw up. Shawn, my bro also said if you consume more than 1/4 a day it does the reverse affect (makes you sick, gives you the runs, throw
I have seen different flavored Aloe in the stores before. When I went to get some, all Walmart had was the plain one.
Since I have the "C" - I will try anything.
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I have been taking Aloe Vera juice for about 3 months. It stopped the bloating and the D eased off a bit. Then I stopped eating wheat and sugar and now instead of cramps, nausea and D all morning I have one bm and feel no afterafects from it. If I stray from this diet or stop the Aloe vera the symptoms return. It certainly has helped a lot.
I've been using aloe vera for IBS C type for a long time, but there is only one brand I can actually get down. It is available in health food stores and is called "George's". It tastes just like regular filtered water. I mix 2 ounces with a little OJ in the morning and then just drink 2 ounces plain at night. It is also said to be good for arthritis and several other things.
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