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Has anyone tried this drug and have you had success with it? I know I've seen it mentioned on the BB.
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Bunny, it has not been released yet.You can read about the new drugs on my website.
Thanks for the quick answer. I got the impression from my friend, a GI doc that practices in the States, that it might be out because he mentioned just in passing that it might be good for me. Meanwhile he wants me to come by and get an anti-spasmatic drug that he brought me. He's been really great. He's here on Sabbatical but keeps up his practice in New Jersey. My husband just happened to mention my IBS to him once and he had me come over and discuss it with him. He is probably the most empathetic doctor I've met yet. I'll have to ask him again about the Alosetron.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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