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i started taking calcium tablets on sunday, i took 1.5 tablets in total, however my symptoms remained the same. so on monday i took three whole tablets and there was a slight improvement, tuesday i took 2whole tablets because i started immodium yesterday so i didnt wanna suffer from constipation and Tuesday was the best i felt in ages (except a lil bloated and gasy), but because i felt so good yday i hardly took any immodium apart from the required morning dose. Today ever since i woke up,before any medication, i have never felt so bad going to toilet every half hour, starts off loose then i dont feel 'done' so i stay on toilet but then i am constipated?? tummy cramps and severe bloatedness. do the tablets you take the day before affect the way you are that day? is this why i am feeling so bad today? I really need help cuz am going away camping for the weekend tomorrow!! What shall i do?
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