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it would appear Miralax is too harsh for me, but I don't know if my reactions signals something else or not.

I tried it last week, full 17g dose with 8oz of water in the morning. I woke up in the middle of night with my intestines just spasming like crazy and me having chills. I was not cold, I was under an electric blanket! I also didn't have a fever. I cramped and spasmed for 2 days and then it took aother two days to feel normal again. I just didn't feel good and my stomach didn't seem happy. All my muscles were tired and sore. Weird pains and uncomfortable feelings here and there, especially when I ate anything. It was worse than a stimulant laxative!

Well, Miralax is "supposed" to be gentle, so yesterday morning, after not going for 3 days and feeling backed up, I took less than half the normal dose (7g) in 16oz of water. Same story, but no chills really. Last time I only went to poop a few times and this time I've gone 6 times in 8 hours, all of them loose but not watery. I'm now looking at another several days of misery, most likely. I'm still cramping and spasming and it kicked in over 8 hours ago. I tried muscle relaxers too and they didn't help.

My theory was that I didn't drink enough water the first time I took Miralax and that's why the spasms and cramps happened. Because my intestines had this feeling of contraction (hence the spasming) and since it's an osmotic I thought maybe it was the result of the Miralax trying to suck water from my intestines when there wasn't enough. But I drank 80oz of water yesterday and the only thing I have to show for it is peeing every 20 minutes now.

I think this stuff is no good for me. Does it sound like something else going on? I have no real reason to suspect blockage or impaction. I'm at a loss for why it's having this effect on me. Doesn't seem right.

Anyway, for the constipation I've tried magnesium oxide (works sometimes, sometimes not) prunes, several flax muffins per day (which helped the stool be formed, as opposed to the round hard pellets I did have), Benefiber, bran.... and sometimes all these things in the same day! And nothing. I can't go.

This didn't start until I went on the Atkins diet. Now, I can't seem to get rid of it even when I go off diet. But I don't want to be off the diet, it has done wonders for me. Not just weight loss (I haven't lost much, acually) but the stable blood sugar has been the best anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-PMS cure ever for me. I'm just worried I'm doing damage at this point and I won't recover from this. :/

(For background, I had IBS-D for years and then after an unrelated abdominal surgery it vanished... mild constipation has happened after surgery as was expected, with only one or two major bouts that I treated with some Colace or Milk of Magnesia, but nothing ongoing like this that is made worse by laxatives.)

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