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Hello all,I'm new here, and it's really nice to meet you all and talk to you. I just discovered this website, and my mouth is just hanging open when I see that all of you are posting and talking about this disease and these horrible symptoms that have been controlling my life for the past two years. I'm only sixteen and these past couple years have been h*ll, but I've finally found out that there's a name for this stupid thing that gives me so much pain.I am so amazed and I feel so inspired that there are people who have this same condition and that I am not alone. I really thought that I was alone and that no one understood or could diagnose the pain that I was going through. I'm still really scared, because like I read somewhere in this board, IBS attacks mentally as much as it does physically, and I have gotten so depressed over the fact that I thought I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life. I'm not on any medicines yet, I just barely found out that IBS is what I have. So please bear with me, I'm a newbie and I may ask stupid questions. But I just wanted to say thank you in advance because it helps so much knowing I'm not alone.
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Hi Ataraxia,I'm glad you found us here. You are certainly not alone. I can understand exactly how you must be feeling because I was first diagnosed at age 15. I'm not sure where you have read that IBS attacks mentally, but I've never heard that term used before. IBS can definitely affect you emotionally. It is really hard dealing with what we go thru every day. It is embarassing and painful. It is understandable that it might affect your state of mind. But you are in control over how much you let it get to you. If you can keep a positive attitude and keep things in perspective then you will be fine. A good sense of humor also goes a long way. Support from family and friend is also important. People with chronic illnesses tend to get depressed, its only natural. But if you keep this in mind and take good care of yourself, you can avoid letting your problems get the better of you. You will have good days and bad days, just like everyone else has. It's how you deal with life, learning to cope with the hand life has dealt you that really counts.There are a lot of old timers and newbies, like you, here who know more than most doctors about IBS. Ask all the questions you want. Someone here will be glad to help.Here's hoping you feel better soon,Hang in there,Sue
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Welcome to the board ataraxia , glad you found us
Im sorry you have to deal with this at such a young age , I have pretty much had it all my life just not as bad as it has turned these last 5 yrs or so. IBS can attack mentally ( I know Sue is talking about being in control , I take it her IBS is not as severe as some of the people on here ) It can give you anxiety if you have it really bad and fear of going out cause of the pain and diarreah. Still its always best to try and stay posetive about it all and you can get used to living with it
There is also medication such as anti spasm tablets which can make the pain lessen ( some is over the counter , so you could give them a go ) Also it might help to keep a food diary to see if your symtoms are food triggered. As I said Im glad you found us and hope you will stay around
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Shadowz,Maybe I shouldn't take it personally or let this bother me, but I don't think it is fair to assume the degree of my IBS. I don't understand what about my post would cause you to make that assumption. I was simply trying to be positive and reassuring. Are you implying that my statements are less valid if I don't suffer as much as others? Because I do suffer as much as most of you here (more than some/less than others), and I shouldn't have to point that out. I thought it was important to point out that IBS is not a mental disease. IBS does not attack mentally. It definitely has an major impact on our state of mind, but it doesn't attack mentally. It is much more accurate (and less frightening) to understand the affect that chronic and painful illnesses have on people. I happen to suffer from more than one chronic, painful illness, so I understand exactly what it can do to your mental state. I deal with it every day, just like you do. I was only giving advice based on my experience, just as you are. Sue
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