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Just curious who's taken this med and what for (and what strength). I saw a gasrtoenterologist today and he gave me this. I've taken it before, but the dose was too low so it didn't do anything. He tripled it this time.Supposedly it's good for relaxing the muscles of the bowel, and helping with nausea.However, bevause this does is much higher than the last, I'm a little worried about taking it. What's your experience been like? Side effects?
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I've tried Elavil (brand name) a couple of times. It didn't help my IBS, but it is a very common drug to try for IBS. It's probably worth a shot - I don't remember any bad side effects. best of luck.
Elavil is the same drug, I believe. It comes up as an alternative name if I look it up so...I'm more concerned about side effects. It won't hurt to try though. Thanks!
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I take 75 mg of Elavil before bed. I have a chronic pain problem, so it is used both to increase the level of delta sleep, and to help with the pain. I find that it doesn't do much for the pain, but i do sleep at least 8 hours now, as opposed to the 3-4 I got before. The therapeutic dose used for depression is usually at least 125-150 mg The side-effects I have noticed are weight gain(20 lbs in 6 months), slight groggy feeling the next day, and constipation, which can be dealt with using a stool softener and fiber and cascara segrada once a week. I also have REALLY weird dreams, lol.[This message has been edited by jbw_1950 (edited 07-06-2000).]
I started amitryptaline a week ago. I'm on 25mg once before bed. Didn't help much so I now take it before bed and in the morning when I get up. I havn't really noticed any side effects (which is rare for me since I get some sort of side effects with anything I take). the drug is a combination antidepressant-sedative-pain reducer. While I have noticed that I get more sleep, (usually only got about 2 hours total a night but never 2 hours in a row, more like spread out over the whole night) I now get about 5 hours. that right there helps my outlook during the day. It doesn't make me sleepy when I take it in the morning, but about an hour after I take it at night I get a little drowsy. Hasn't done much for the pain level yet but it has helped with the D. I started being C for a week but I also started Lotronex the same day as the ami. I think I'm starting to maybe regulate bm's now too. Still feel the urge to go now and again but they are more normal. Havn't had a normal one in 6 years!! I do notice that I feel a little better since I started taking these meds, although today is a rough day but no where near what I was before. So take the meds, if it's too much tell your doctor to lower the dose, if it's not enough tell him to up it. It's all trial and error. But give it a couple weeks for your body to get used to it before you feel it isn't working. most drugs take at least 2 weeks to start working and for you to notice a difference. I am a medical assistant and an Emergency medical technician so I do have some knowledge of how medications work.Let us know how it works out for you.------------------It can only get better from here I hope!Sandi
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I took one before bed last night. For the first time is... I don't know how long... I actually slept RIGHT through the night! 8 hours. YAY!!! AS for this morning though, I still have BAD cramps and the feeling of D (although I know I'm not going to get it).Thanks for your replies.
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I used to take Elavil. Side effects... helps ease pain, lets you sleep (you found this out), takes away nausea and increases apetite, helps stop D. You might be groggy or sleepy during the day at first, but this goes away. Give it your best shot! Good luck!
Have taken 10mg > 20mg found taking it 2 hours before bed the best.Used for me for sleep and pain and with hope that it would help with ibs also, didnt notice improvement with ibs. But was sure able to sleep well, with pain down some.Side effect was dry mouth and weight gain, the reasons I no longer take it. Also did find that it may have helped with my moods even in such a low dose, but that could have been because I was sleeping better. Hope this helps. As others have said amitriptyline is an old anti depressant drug taken in much higher doses for depression.It should be quite safe to take it has been around for many many years.
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