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An even sillier question

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I've had to open a new topic, because no-one has replied to some comments I recently made on this board. It seems that my theory for one of the causes of IBS is so absurd and untrue that I am either losing my mind or out to make money.I am appealing to all women who find that their IBS disappears during pregnancy.I no longer suffer with IBS because I stopped using all forms of panty-liners and menstruation pads. I now only use tampons. My theory is that perhaps when these pads are attached to underwear, they cover the back passage and allow little air to circulate in this area, creating ideal conditions for yeast (which live naturally in the bowel) to thrive and get out of control and so cause IBS.I can think of no other explanation, other than that I am allergic to these pads. I am not in association with any tampon manufacturers in any way. I am only hoping to help another lady.Obviously, pregnant women will not have to use any form of underwear protection for nine months and I am wondering whether this is the reason why they get temporary relief from IBS. Can anyone relate to this?
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That seems to be interesting , but I have not found that to be true for me at least!!! I use tampons, and have had 3 pregnancies, and still had IBS-D during all the times. That seems to be good investigation work, but in MY case it doesn't hold true. PS: I also have my cousin, who has had IBS-D and I asked her, and she has not noticed that her IBS-D got better while she was pregnant, and she has had 4 children.
Using tampons makes me nauseated. My sisters, too! So even if I wanted to use them I couldn't.
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