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Deadalus , thanks for posting your info on CBT in the sucess thread.
On stress and IBS you might want to read this. On the serotonin and IBS this. and on IBS this welcome to the forum if you have any questions let us know.
Good to see your doing some of the things your doing.
On the IBS info I posted and because you mentioned generalize anxiety disorder this is important."What would be an example of new understanding? Well one example is that we're starting to understand how the brain is responding to the pain in IBS. There have been some studies done where they've artificially created a kind of an irritable bowel by placing a balloon to stretch the bowel, and that produces pain. Then they've compared people with IBS to non-IBS, or "normal" individuals. And what they've found is that when you stretch the bowel-and use PET scans to monitor the response-in normal individuals, certain areas of the brain that register pain respond and release chemicals called neurotransmitters that suppress and lower the pain. But it seems that doesn't happen as well in people with IBS. In fact, in people with IBS another area of the brain responds that is associated with anxiety. So what we find is that people with IBS, aside from having a bowel problem, may have some difficulty in terms of the way their brain is regulating the pain."So anxiety can be turned up from signals coming from the gut.Hope that helps
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