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An Introduction

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Hello everyone...I guess I am new to the group and I wanted to know where you are all from. I live in Toronto, I'm 20 and I have had IBS forever. My Dad has Colitis but the doctors say I don't have it.I have been reading your page for the last couple of weeks just trying to find information on IBS. I was only diagnosed last year and have not yet gone to see a specialist. I saw that a lot of you recommend Caltrate. How does it actually work? Does anyone know?
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Hi and welcome Redsonja! I'm from Minneapolis and am 36 years old. This board is a great place so glad you found us! You didn't mention if you have D or C. I have found Caltrate Plus to be great for my D. It seems to bind things together if you know what I mean so instead of making 20 trips to the bathroom I might make a couple - and it is not as urgent that I get there immediately. There are lots of great ideas on this BB to try but the Calcium seems to be working great for a lot of us, so you might want to try that first. Again, welcome and feel free to post any questions you might have. Everyone here is very helpful. - Bloomers
Welcome Redsonja - nice to meet you!I'm from Regina, a fellow Canadian! I've never been to Toronto, have you been to Regina?bloomers22 - are you still loose though? I was doing okay on the Caltrate til today - I was able to hold it but it was still "D". And for 1/2 hour straight with a brief respite inbetween the explosions!
Just wanted to say hi and welcome Red. Karen
Hi, I'm 61, live in New York state guess I am pretty boring can't think of much to say except I have been plugging away at this computer. Got my first computer the week windows '95 was introduced. One of the best things I have done is to have found this board, I kind of feel bad that some of you so young have this IBS problem. Hopeful maybe a cure will be discovered.
Welcome Red, you'll find alot of useful info here and lot's of support for your "not-so-good-days". ------------------Life is what you make of it!
Hi Red, (loved that movie by the way)I wanted to welcome you and I also wanted to see if Katherine noticed this post. She's up there in the Kingston area and I know she was feeling a little alone since there isn't too many Canucks on the board. I have to be head-n-er to a meeting so take-er easy.Wes------------------Only those who risk going too far, will ever know how far they can go.
Hi from Sunny Nor-Cal. Rural and quiet. pop365 (not thousand, just people!)
I'm from the Ottawa valley, I can call us Canucks if I want to. FYI I spent some time in your neck of the woods one summer, I loved it, but I thought Saskatoon was much cleaner. I went to a couple of bars while I was out there and I remember thinking how funny it was that everyone was wearing cowboy hats, even the girls, you just don't see that in the country bars in Ottawa, but down here in Denver you see it on the street, it's pretty cool. Wes------------------Only those who risk going too far, will ever know how far they can go.
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