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And the Doctor said......hmmmmmmm

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Hi Guys,Thanks for all the support!!
. Didn't get back from the DR till about 5:30 2 1/2 hours of fun!!! Then my house turned into a battlefield for son and new wife.arghhh!!! Finally went to bed at 6 this morning. But thats another story. The Dr. I saw is a colleague of my IM Dr. so he didn't say a whole lot. Was concerned though, and I think its funny when they get this "look" especially when it is NOT IBS!! hehehehe. He checked me out and concentrated on the "alien" in my guts as well as the throat and neck. That would be Aliens 1, 2 and 3???Soo...down for blood work. A MAJOR CBC, Sed Rate, Liver Profile and TSH. Gee ya think???Only 6 tubes of blood, 2 pokes and then a third with a veins kept collapsing. OUCH!! A Uranalysis..why not since I'm there?? Then off to ultra sound for gall bladder, aorta, liver kidneys and spleen. OK so ultra sounds don't hurt but they do when the tech is pissed cuz the Dr said to work me in!! its MY FAULT??? Anyway, Dr. was not happy with the previous event wth my GI Dr. as he mentioned an aneurysm but did nada. He said things looked "OK" for right now and I could go home if I took it easy. Ok...duh whats WRONG??? He's not sure but I have to see my regular IM next week to handle this. Said it might be a hernia but the aorta is still within normal ranges but suspicious?? Ok whatever. Need to find a GI who will take this "seriously" and do a scope and have to consider the risks of IVP dye for "other testing." I'm like WAYYYY allergic to the dye. Gallbladder not ruled out and waiting for blood work. He will write my "shrink" and certainly let my reg IM know whats up. So go home and rest..but if anything doesnt "feel right" go to ER. Geeze I HATE that. So in other dunno what is wrong but something is and it is NOT IBS!!! Well color me stupid!!
. And rest?? With a war front here?? Right!! But the war is over (here anyway) and I'm gonna lay around all day...or try. I have to say that I told him of this board and of course he scoffed, but when I mentioned the hernia and thyroid, low BP and body temp etc..he did say that you guys seem very well educated!!!! You are all soooo smart!!!
. Funny how he didn't LOOK at my BP and temp till I said that. BP was 89/52 and temp was a whopping 95.9!!! He had them do it again. I give up some days. So that was interesting to say the least but I'm sure everything is all right. At least I KNOW it isn't IBS and that the "Alien" does exist!!!! Will take it from there. So sorry to ramble but me is one tired puppy with a headache....hmmmmm..must be IBS related???So thats how it went. Thanks again for the support!!!!Take CareDebOPPS I forgot. Can't have surgery till all this is figured out. Wahhhhhhhh!!!!!------------------Keep moving forward...even if you must crawl.[This message has been edited by brksmom (edited 11-25-2000).]
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Glad you got a doctor to listen to you. Please let us know what the final outcome is. Your blood pressure and temp sound like mine were prior to my getting on thyroid medication.
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