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Another newbie....

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For the past 3-4 months I have been having "labor" like pain (i've had abdominal bloating with no relief for a while before that) - but only when I stand or walk for a little while. To the point I have to stop and sit down and wait for the pain to subside. I don't really have any pain while sitting (which I've been doing a lot of lately). I thought it was a female problem. Had hormone testing, ultrasounds done - showed nothing. So, my next guess is a digestive issue. And, when I google my issue (cramping, labor like pain while standing/walking) - it comes up with IBS. So here I am.Why I thought it was a female issue - because it feels like labor, and it seems to get worse before my period. I have had issues with constipation since I was a teenager (I'm 35 now). When about 14/15 I got into a bad habit because of the constipation of using Ex-Lax/Correctol alternating with Pepto Bismol because it would work too well. It took a while to wean myself off of that.I don't think I could "go" with out something. I take 500-750mg's of Magnesium every night before bed. 5 days out of the week it works. But not easily. The mornings are still rough with the hope I'll go. My biggest complaint is that I can't walk around for any period of time now, without having these horrible cramping pains. My Dr says that if it were IBS, I'd have the pain all the time. The pain "moves". It can be in the front lower pelvic region, move to the the lower back, both sides. But I just can't explain why else this might be happening. My Dr is ordering a Xray of my kidneys, liver and bladder to rule anything else out. My Dr is a bit sarcastic and thinks that women have bathroom issues to begin with. That we tend to hold it because we don't want to go in public places, where most men don't have that issue. Maybe that's true. But he said I need to "retrain my bowels". Yeah....ok. I have not been diagnosed with IBS......but I feel this may be what I have. I also have been diagnosed about a year ago with Fibromyalgia. I don't "own" that diagnosis. I have arthritis and sometimes bouts of extreme fatigue, especially right before my period. I refuse to take medication for FM. I do take Wellbutrin for depression though. Any input would be great.....and now I'm going to start reading the forums.
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Fibromyalgia and IBS can be connected. Im sure you know that already.
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