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well im 43 today, and im determined to start trying to do something with my life and try to be more positive.I may bug some people on here but i believe honesty is the best policy in life, i dont bull**** and say it as it is even if some peeps take offence.I have came to terms with having ibs and now find i can cope with it and the #### that it entails, but what the heck its ibs and i think im lucky not to have something a lot nastier..Im going to see a lady next week about some charity work (god hope the ibs is not playing up on the day
)I saw a guy in the hospital last week he had just been told his wifes battle with cancer had came to an end and she had passed just makes me think not all is lost and im lucky to be here.well i guess who ever is reading this is probably yawning so ill close now.
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