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antidepressant that does NOT aggravate C?

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I am one of the rare persons that cannot tolerate SSRI antidepressants (4% of population)-causes agitation, racing thougths, insomnia, etc. Also tends to aggravate my C. Has anyone heard of an antidepressant that may not cause or aggravate C? I am very leary of trying anything new but am really in need of an antidepressant to get a hold on this funk I'm in. I've suffered off and on all my life with depression and have yet to find a medication that works without causing all kinds of other unpleasant side effects. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am taking medication for anxiety which overall has helped some with the depression ( IBS) but I think at this point in my life I need something more intensive. My psychiatrist keeps saying there are "new drugs on the horizon" but who knows what that means-could be 10 years or more. Thanks, Tiss
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I know you can't tolerate SSRIs, but there is a new one called Celexa that has a lower incidence of side effects than all the others. You may have to ask about MAOIs. They interact with ALL medication and are a last resort but may help if the depression is severe.
I am in the same boat as you - I tried Zoloft and ended up throwing up for 24 hours straight. That was a real good time. So I only take Ativan which keeps me calm and happy most of the time. I don't take it on the weekends just while at work. I am thinking of trying a few day off while I am at work to see how it goes since IBS wise my symptoms (as you know) are gone. I ended up going to a hypnotherapist and it helped a great deal. I had 10 sessions with her that she recorded and gave me the tape. My sessions revolved around my IBS and constant thinking about it. I go to bed every night listening to the tapes. I am going to try and go to her to quit smoking next - hopefully it will work as well for that as it did my IBS. It sure isn't cheap though $60 per session. I ended up getting 6 free for sending a friend who wanted to quit chewing tobacco. Mikes tapes (a guy on the board) are I think (don't quote me) $88 for tapes and I can't remember how much for the CD's. They are IBS specific and it is a 100 day program. It's that link on the top of the page that says IBS Audio 100 Program. I still am thinking about ordering those too so I have something different to listen to. I know I like that better than the side effects from the pills.
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Ad and Newforme-I tried MAOI's many years ago. I do think it helped with depression but I gained 25lbs! THAT sure didn't help my depression. I'm thinking about trying the tapes.Did you say that Mike? has infor about the tapes?
Tiss,Nefazodone, venlafaxine and bupropion might be alternative medications to try. One new drug on the horizon (not yet approved in the US, but is approved in Europe) is reboxetine, a norephinephrine-reuptake inhibitor. If you were IBS-D, I'd suggest Mirtazapine (Remeron), but that drug would likely make your C worse.
Here is the exact link to the tapes: Mike is a member here and he is a hypnotherapist dealing with IBS. I think, but not sure, that his name on the board is Mike001. Many members are using the tapes with great success. He has a whole website which explains everything. I think I am atticted to hypnotherapy because it used to take me an hour or more to fall asleep, now about twenty minutes into the tape I am out like a light. I think that the subconsious mind will hear and understand up to 90 minutes after falling asleep. Good thing for me if that is true.
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