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Any men taking Lotronex?

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Just wondering how many guys are taking Lotronex. I just got a perscription for it today, I also found out that my insurance will not cover the perscription because they said that it is intended for women, thats not saying it won't work as well for men.Well if it works, I guess it's worth the money.I would be interested in finding out how the Lotronex is working for any other guys out there.
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Plexx,Yes, I'm in my 2nd week. It has definitely helped me but..... it can cause major constipation. I am trying to find a happy medium but I'm not there yet. 1 pill twice a day seems too much (also on 2 levbid and 2 xanax a day). Tried to cut back to 1/2 twice a day and it is not enough.
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