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I began as a youngster as a "stomach person" but did not yet have IBS that was incapacitating and life altering til I was in my 30's with a 3 year old son (c-sec made it worse). At that time I had IBS D (D for a year with a 30-40 lb weight loss). After a colonoscopy I was officially diagnosed with IBS and after making some lifestyle changes, knowing that I didn't have cancer or colitis and adding fiber to my diet my IBS changed and became more D AND C with my main problem going alot (but formed-sorry for graphics). I did ok for several years then alittle over 2 years ago I took biaxin for a sinus infection and my IBS D flared for what seemed like months (when I came to this BB). It seemed to take a long time to "get better" and now I seem to go from bouts of C to occasional D, sometimes in the same day. I think that percentagewise less people have alternating C and D than those who have just C or just D, in my opinion its easier to cope daily being C than D though both problems arent fun. I wish they would develop some meds for alternating people, I think the drug companies are on the right track and its only a matter of time. I have been doing Mikes tapes and though I cant say it is (for me) a cure, they do appear to help. ------------------Nancy
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