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Any other treatments successful?

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Does anyone have any other answers? I've had IBS symptoms since I was 17, I'm 23 now and it is worse than ever right now. I've been on 4-5 different medications. IBS related meds to anti-anxiety and anti-depressants to try to treat the symptoms but nothing has even remotely worked. I would like to try hypnotherapy. Does anyone have experience with this or have any other suggestions? I really would appreciate the help. Thanks
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HiI have used hypnotherpay sucessfully to treat my IBS. I use a program called IBS Audio 100 from Mike Mahoney. There are many people on the board who have used it - tihs is where I learned about it.One thing that will help people know how to direct you is to know what are your symptoms. While hypno works for all types, not all other treatments will. for instance, people with IBS D often find calcium to work really well. it would make IBS C worse, but magnesium helps that. If you alternate (like me), then maybe some of both.take carenancy
here is the link for the IBS Audio program. There are other programs out there although not all of them are IBS specific. And of course there is also the option of finding a live therapist rather than tapes. there is also some info on hypno and IBS as well as more links.
Do you really think it's worth the money? It seems like a lot of money, but if u think it is that good it might be worth a shot. I've tried audio relaxation tapes but they didn't really help. Maybe these will work better?
I have IBS-c/d . I take magnesium and a complete vitamin. It helps. I guess it is kind of an upper and a downer for my stomach,lol. I really don't know.
I think they were definitely worth the money and I'm cheap
I will say I was a bit skeptical when I first learned about them and it took me about a year to go ahead and do them. But it is so worth it. They are better than general relaxation tapes since they are directed at the IBS specifically. he talks about dealing with symptoms and visualizations for them which many of us use even during the day. I will say it's the on thing that has given me control over this too. Even if I am having an attack, I am far bettre at being able to control the pain and even hold off the D if I need to. This is a huge win.It's not a cure, but it's a big help. I do wish I could point you to the hypno board for more infomation but the forum is down right now because of too much bickering. it's unfortunate, because there was a lot of good stuff there. feel free to ask me anything though and I can try to dig up more info. nancy
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I received "Mike's Tapes" in the mail yesterday and listened to my first session yesterday. I am going to have to say that they are probably going to be very helpful.I listened to the intro and the first session. When I was finished, I was totally relaxed and pain free. Now to say the pain and "D" isn't back today, because it is. I am taking 10 mg. of Bentyl 4 x a day along with an Imodium at the same time. I wish I could find something that worked better, because even with this I just don't feel good. The, of course, I retain too much poop and have to stop the meds to get things going again. I am thinking of trying an anti-anxiety med. I do about 30 minutes of treadmill 5 mornings a week before work.I was pleasantly surprised, however, that Mike's Tapes were able to make me relax. This tells me that my IBS is probably anxiety related. I will let you all know how they are as I go along.
charbeaner - good luck with the tapes. remember though that it's takes a while to feel the real effects - sometimes not until after being done for a while. But I know exactly what you mean about the relaxation. I remember right from ths start the improvement in my sleep.Matt - I noticed on another thread that you're from Stamford! I'm originally from Norwalk and Stamford was my second home (grandparents, church, beach).
Hi Matt, I too have used the tapes listed in the link below (aka mike's tapes). I was incredibly skeptical too at first, but they literally gave me back control over my life. I had tried relaxation tapes before, but the thing about Mike's tapes is that they are "gut-directed" and he refers to IBS in the tapes themselves. He gave me a way to cope with the anxiety that IBS creates. I'm about your age (24), so i was getting really frustrated with not being able to go out with my friends, go to football games, etc. and now i am actually able to do all of those things again without being paranoid about the location of the bathrooms.The tapes didn't cure me, but they gave me a way to cope with everything - and they let me sleep a lot better too!If you have any questions about it feel free to ask.-Kac
These tapes do sound very good, and I might give it a shot. It's so frustrating that nothing I can find can stop this problem. But being able to control it would be nice as well. It just think it stinks that I'm 23 years old and my life has already been restricted from what I can eat and where I can go. I just wanna be able to go on vacations, and travel, and go fishing on a boat again. This sucks. I also need to get this fixed because i need to get a job but I'm a little hesitant because I'm in a rut right now with my stomach. Is it normal to go into periods where your stomach justs feels horrible and u just feel like u can't leave the house? It usually isn't so bad but sometimes I get into these ruts where it just won't go away? Any advice to get through this or thoughts on how long this will last until it calms down again?
Matt - yes, I've gone through periods like that and they suck. I alternate between D and C so a bad period for me can be either D almost daily or a realy viscious cycle of alternating. How I deal with them can be different although the hypno works for me with both. I'm going to assume you're problem is D and not C. Correct me if I'm wrong. Have you tried calcium? This helps me when I am really in a bad D period and I use a certain amount to maintain too. Also, don't be afraid to use immodium even as a preventive measure - it's safe to take daily from all I've heard and read (including my doc). keep faith. nancy
I just started to take the calcium yesterday. I don't eat any cheeses or milk because I feel that it agravates me, so hopefully these calcium supplements will prove to make a difference. I don't know if I'm lactose intolerant, but I know it seems to definitely have an effect on me when I do eat it. I've recently completely changed my diet too, to bland, healthy foods only. Just a lot of protein and vegetables. I don't know if there is something else I should or shouldn't be eating. It seems like it doesn't matter, as soon as I put food into my stomach, it begins bubbling.
i am also skeptical about Mike's tapes, but im going to a gastro soon and nothing good comes out of that and my symptoms are exactly the same then i will think more seriously about the tapes.Has anybody tried or heard of an ebook from
Matt, I'm going to order the tapes today as well. My symptoms started when I was about 13-14, and I'm 23 now. I'm a software programmer (big surprise), and I can say that many of the anxieties you have everyone has - and the sad part is that knowing this doesn't help all that much. I'm going to start the tapes as soon as I get them, so if you get good results, message or email me - i sceptical as well.
Matt, I know exactly what you mean about the ruts -- i was in one for a while this summer and it was awful until i got out of it -- bad thing was that it happened to coincide with a trip i took with my boyfriend and his family to the beach...
You will get out of it - sometimes thats what i need to hear. As for foods - if you figure that out let me know because i still haven't gotten that one - when i'm "off" anything i eat is going to hurt me. If you are in a D circle, be careful with the redmeat and strong veggies (broccoli, etc) - chicken and rice is my standby. Also, have you tried fiber? Sounds cliche but it works. Holly and Cris - i graduated with a biology degree and i used to laugh about the hypno myself. But i can't stress how much it has helped me deal with this and i'm not "new-agy" in any way
I've also played with "self-biofeedback" to control stress and that was pretty useful as well. Hope you all are feeling well today!kac
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Matt, some food info for you. Hypnotherapy and IBS information."Why Consider Hypnosis Treatment for IBS?by Olafur S. Palsson, Psy.D.Hypnosis is only one of several approaches to treating irritable bowel syndrome and may not be the most suitable option for all patients click here for discussion of treatment options for IBS. However, hypnosis treatment has some advantages which makes it an attractive option for many IBS sufferers with chronic and severe symptoms:- It is one of the most successful treatment approaches for chronic IBS. The response rate to treatment is 80% and better in most published studies to date. - The treatment often helps individuals who have failed to get improvements with other methods see for example: Whorwell et al., 1984, 1987; Palsson et al., 1997, 2000.- It is a uniquely comfortable form of treatment; relaxing, easy and generally enjoyable.- It utilizes the healing power of the person's own mind, and is generally completely without negative side effects. - The treatment sometimes results in improvement in other symptoms or problems such as migraine or tension headaches, along with the improvement in IBS symptoms.- The beneficial effects of the treatment last long after the end of the course of treatment. According to research, individuals who improve from hypnosis treatment for IBS can generally look forward to years of reduced bowel symptoms." The tapes have helped a considerable number of people on the bb here and elsewhere. FYI, when the HT forum ccomes back online there are some personal experiences there worth reading.This is mine however. It was the best thing I have ever done bar none.;f=17;t=000002 This is worth reading to.
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hi matt17 like you i am 23yrs of age. i've been ibs-d since i was maybe 15. i know what you mean about avoiding sports events and serious career jobs. i really feel my ibs has dented my confidence alot making me feel inferior to normal healthy people. after 1 of my symptoms i evenually found the courage to seek medical advice, and like most ibs people was found to have a health normal digestion system.after this i just tried to live with my symptoms until i found this site. it was like realising you were'nt alone in the world. with alot of the suggestions on the board i'm determined to try beat this even if subconsciencely i'm thinking i've had this for so long that no matter what i try nothing will the moment i'm tryin calcium, imodium and chinese herbal med.gonna start including all the other supplements vitamin b c etc. also increase my fibre intake and try cut out all my trigger foods. also gonna try this live yogurt and herbal teas.i'm hoping all this might do the trick but i know my number 1 enemy is anxiety so i may try hypno to help my symptoms. i did try 1 session of hypno before and it was amazing i remember feeling so good for the rest of that day. but i didnt have the disipline to keep it up and so my symptoms returned.i defo recommend hypno to anyone especially anxiety pron ibs'ers to try at least. has anyone had success with the supplements, fibre etc i mention above?
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Matrix - What hypno did you try? Did u go see someone, or use the tapes that everyone on here is talking about?
Matt, I was about 23 yrs old when my IBS/D really started up and in 2001 at the age of 54 yrs old I finally got Mike's Hypno. 100 program on cd's. After years of suffering and not being able to go places and enjoy life even after MD's/Psychiatrists/Psychologists and all kinds of meds including AD's and Benzo's I kinda tried Mike's program as a last resort after Lotronex was taken off the market. Lotronex did stop my IBS/D symptoms even though not approved for males. Anyway I found that putting the correct cd in a portable player at my bedside and listening through earbuds at bedtime worked great for me. No more sleep problems, no more anxiety and best of all I have been IBS/D symptom free since late 2001 and wish everyone could try this first instead of last. I always felt my IBS was anxiety related and Eric explained to me that the Hypno.100 program seems to correct brain/gut dysfunction. I spent thousands of dollars and many hours of wasted time over 32 years, the cost of the tapes is cheap in my opinion. I feel like most folks will get significant relief if you do the program per instructions and every day as directed. We are soon going north for the fall colors and I don't even worry about finding bathrooms nowadays!
NorbPS: I did in person Hypnosis with a Psychologist several years ago and it helped with anxiety but was not "gut specific" and did nothing for my IBS. I still listen most nights at bedtime to my favorite cd #4 as it puts me to sleep quickly and no nightmares either!
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