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Hi: Let me explain very similar problems I have had with IBS, you have today. My digestive system was damaged after my not so nice doctor gave me 8 colonoscopy's in 8 years. I guess he needed the money. After the last one, I was so bad from the eight gallons of prep I had to drink, I could eat period unless it came out of a blender. I lost 40 pounds in 45 days, and came down with SIBO, had to take the $2,500. drug Xifaxen to kill off the overgrowth of bad bacteria. The doctor never told me I needed to go on Probiotics for at least 30 days after each colonoscopy to help the body restore the bacteria back in my digestive system. I was having bowl movements only every ten days. The bacteria was eating what I ate faster than I could eat it. The bad part was when the doctor said, I don't have an answer for you and walked out of the exam room. The MD can do the damage, but when your down and out they just kick you in the gutter. It took me three years to get back on my feet after 2.5 years of being house bound. The prep nearly killed me and if you do any research you will find its not fit for human consumption. Its a chemical used for Industrial cleaning. Made by Dow Chemical. I am now in full blown IBS-A. I am going to a new doctor, NOT a MD, and will be treated by alternative means. To many Carb will cause Constipation, cut out all Carbs and you will have explosive diarrhea. So it has to be a happy balance. I am down to only three foods I can digest today and gain any weight. I make a home made muffin, made from White rice flour, oatmeal, grits and two eggs and water. cooked for 20 min at 400* This is my carbs and I gain weight from them, I eat one every meal, 3 a day. I hope you expand my food intake as soon as I am tested for food allergy soon. Hope this may explain some of your issues. If you have SIBO, you will loss weight fast and have constipation. That could also be a issue. Hope you find an answer soon.
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