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I too have lost very nearly half of my body weight, from 183 to 97lbs. Very recently I've been trying new things to gain some weight, and to enjoy new foods. I had an endoscopy / colonoscopy recently, so I used that opportunity to experiment, knowing that I'd be clearing my system out with the prep. One of the things I've started supplementing my bland diet with is Boost nutritional drinks (Nestle). The stuff has a ton of sugar, and other garbage, but it also has vitamins, a decent amount of calories (especially the Boost Plus), and it tastes nice. They use Ensure / Boost often in hospitals to feed patients who cannot eat, whether it's for an eating disorder, or through a tube for cancer patients, etc. I've been doing OKAY with just one a day. It's really addictive, and so I started having a second later in the day, but I end up having a whole lot of rumbling and problems afterwards, so went back down to one. I also started to have a small amount of smooth, natural peanut butter. The stuff I get is Santa Cruz Dark Roasted ( It tastes great, and I like the ingredients list. I can't have too much, otherwise, again, I have serious problems in the gut... but a spoon's worth is manageable. Might be something you might consider trying. I've gained 3lbs since. It's a start.
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