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Actually, not eating enough is one sure-fire way that you won't have a BM every day. If you're eating too little, you won't have 'enough' that your body wants to expel. There are very few people in this world that have a BM every single day like clockwork. Sounds like your eating disorder is trying to trick on you on that one. I think you really need to add fiber into your diet - a good combo if insoluble and soluble. You need to "bulk" your stools but still have it to be soft. This will give you a stronger urge and make things easier to expel. My thinking is that your 'rushing' to the toilet in fear and forcing things. This can cause all sorts of problems like prolapse, so you want to be sure you're not pushing. If you wait long enough, it's going to come out on it's own and it will ALL come out. You can also add some Magnesium to your diet, this will 'soften' the stool and make it easier to pass. Make sure it's a good brand.

For weight gain, I would recommend protein shakes and hefty protein bars. If you can stand dairy, I would also eat ice cream. Look for calorie counts when getting these items. If you're having a really tough time eating because the eating disorder is still there, then I would definitely see a therapist of some kind. Being malnourished can definitely have a huge effect on your organs and entire system. I wouldn't mess around at this point and I'd be SURE to get some bloodwork done to see if your deficient in anything. I'd prefer that over a trip to the ER!
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