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Maybe a liquid diet would help? People who have had bariatric surgery (stomach staples) often have a similar problem to what you described. They follow a liquid diet with small amounts of solid food, increased slowly over time as their physical comfort allows.

I don't often make specific suggestions for food-averse type eating disorders, but there's something that the anorexic has in common with the IBS/IBD person... both are often unable to or have limited ability to absorb iron. I'm not sure I'd abandon beef so quickly in your undernourished condition. I'd make sure I had one meal of either beef or seafood every single day, liquefied if necessary.

If you can afford it, choose pastured beef, if it's too pricey, consider pastured (5+ at Whole Foods) pork. Never eat commercial pork, but pastured pork from a good farmer is an ideal food for the malnourished because pigs are omivores and may be fed high omega-3 foods if the farmer cares to do that. In traditional farming, they would often get the whey from butter making, or leftovers from cheesemaking, etc.. from pastured cows, also all the trimmings and table scraps. Commercial pork is fed almost nothing but corn.

Warning: TMI alert... Some places in the world have not yet abandoned the practice of giving pigs all the waste from the farm, including the "night soil." If you have a strong stomach, google "pig toilet" but only if you like horror. If you're traveling in an undeveloped country, maybe go for the chicken.

If you need high nutrition, there's no substitute for knowing the source of your food. I hope that helps a bit.
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