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I've posted on this forum before that i suffered from an eating disorder and this caused my GI system to get all messed up, I've been trying to gain weight since April of this year. My stomach and i guess my intestines have been shrinking since because I've become dangerously thin. i am reluctant to eat not because i don't want to gain weight, but because i get anxiety of not being able to have a BM. i eat for three days straight with as much calories as i can but this also limits me to eating very little because my intestines get full of food fast and I am unable to go everyday and I have to find ways to make myself have a BM. Each day becomes more difficult. i feel i am causing more damage and i'm just feel desperate as i am unable to gain weight with the limited amount of food i can consume and then not being able to empty myself out. Any one have tips as to how to gain weight?? I've cut out dairy, gluten, beef, pork, corn, and legumes in hopes of not making my constipation worse, but i see no improvement. At this rate my family is very worried and i'm afraid my body will give out because i'm nearly half my weight.
i might get fed intravenously if i don't recuperate my weight somehow, but that comes along with a lot of complications and infections so i'm desperate at this point! Anyone have any advice for me. please anything would be appreciated. i don't know what to do. i always see people want to lose weight with ibs-c but im desperate to gain weight!
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