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Any Truth to This?

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I've been hearing that a Japanese researcher named Ichiroh Ohhira is going to win the Nobel Prize for his work on acidophilis. I looked him up on a few websites today and he sounds legitimate. Has anyone heard of him? Here's one of the links I looked at. Thanks. I've never tried acidolophilis or probiotics, so I'm not up on this stuff.
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It seems he is a real researcher-entrepreneur who is behind this company, But whoever is saying he is going to win Nobel is probably just joking.
The fellow who told me this owns a natural foods company on the Internet. I don't think he was joking, he was pretty earnest, but I think inaccurate. I couldn't find any verification for this on a search I did on the Internet. He may have gotten his facts mixed up with something that Louise Gittleman cited in an article on "21st century probiotics" in Total Health; Woodland Hills; Mar/Apr 2001. See the last sentence:"RECENTLY, WHILE DOING RESEARCH FOR THE REVISION OF MY BOOK Guess What Came to Dinner, I discovered a new break through dietary supplement product for the recolonization of the intestinal tract now available in the United States. The product is known as Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics 12 PLUS and is named after Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira, a renowned microbiologist from Japan. In my opinion, his probiotic is the most unique probiotic in the world today. This award-winning formula was recognized as the best product of the year by the Japanese Food and Dairy Association which also named Dr. Ohhira as "best scientist of the year." What is your take on this, Flux. Is there any support for this approach from your knowledge base? Just curious. I don't plan to take it myself.
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quote: I don't think he was joking, he was pretty earnest, but I think inaccurate.
That is what I meant.The Japanese are known for their work on probiotics, so there is probably truth to his claims, but as a group they don't publish it in the Western journals. Lactobacillus GG has been demonstrated to have similar capabilities, so it seems plausible from that perspective as well. Since Lactobacillus GG does have beneficial effects for the gut, it certainly seems reasonable to try it.
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