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anybody know about sam-E/serotonin (flux?)

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since sam-E is supposed to affect serotonin somehow (i'm not sure how it does this though), does it make any sense that it would have any kind of effect (positive or negative) on IBS? enja
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I took Sam-e for a while and noticed no difference in the state of my IBS, the only place I noticed anything was in my wallet...$30 for a 10 day supply!
I couldn't seem to find too much data on how well it affects depression when given orally (presumably by altering serotoinin synthesis). Only a few people have looked at it. For example, . Given that real antidepressents seem to work (or there is a lot more data behnd them, and for dealing with IBS pain and symptoms) and that really contain what they claim to contain,whereas with supplements, you don't how much drug there and whether there are any impurities), it makes more sense to go with the real drugs.
I had tryed EVERY anti-deprssant and it either did not work or I could not tolerate--I went on sam-e ( on sale for $11 for 20 pills ) and it was the best thing I ever did!! It does not affect my IBS either way--but really helped after 8yrs of depression! It can be expensive, but you have to watch for a sale--I don't need two pills a day either as it directs--just the 200mg dose! Give it a try if nothing else works for you--!!------------------trish
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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