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Anybody out there try probiotics?

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I have had IBS for 8 years now, w/B,C,D,G &P. And only a little relief with Bentyl. Probiotics are wonderful to me. I found that taking them before I eat helps with the overall process of food moving through my intestines. Some people say antibiotics help them but they make me worse. I am also taking a supplement called "colon green" it includes lactobaccilus(probiotic) along with psyllium to help keep you "regular." And it contains no: yeast, sugar, starch, salt, wheat, corn, soy, dairy products, artificial preservatives or coloring. I am thoroughly enjoying having regular BMs and eating anything without the pain... and I have only been taking this stuff for a week! (the only draw back is that I am taking about 8 pills a day)By th way;Acidophilus is a form of good intestinal bacteria, responsible for helping to maintain the normal functions of the digestive tract. It helps to destroy the gas forming, disease and odor producing bacteria, and help keep yeast (candida) in check. Digestants are specially designed products formulated to help lessen the effects of poor or inadequate digestion. Besides causing discomfort, improper digestion can cheat your body out of the good nutrition your food and supplements are supposed to supply. I think in college I was prescribed too many antibiotics after being diagnosed with IBS.
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Zenovia, I love your name! I am c,g &p. I have been taking acidophilus & eating yogurt for 3 weeks. It is so nice to have regular bms. But I still have right & left side pain. Any relief no matter how minute is wonderful!
I am IBS C/D and I take the Futurebiotics brand of Probiotics. I have been taking it since September and my C and gas have been at an all time low. I even attempted some popcorn on Saturday (in small, controlled doses) and lived.The Probiotics have really changed my life.P.
Probiotics have been around for a long time..only lately have people been trying them more or finding out about their benefits. I have been taking them since 1986 and still do. I think I will be on them the rest of my life. At least they're natural and pretty safe.
My wife feels they help her. She has tried the more expensive ones, but she has found for her, an inexpensive one made by Schiff works just as good. It's only like six dollars a bottle at the phamacy. It is just acidophilus at one billion CFU but it does the job.------------------
I've been taking probiotics for years now. I only take one a day, but it's a 5 billion strain.
Question. Acidophilus is found in yogurt. I have trouble with dairy products and, therefore, do not eat yogurt. By taking these probiotics, does one have any D associated with taking them, or is it just the dairy in the yogurt I react to?Thanks.Maria Z
Maria, check the label before you buy. Mine says "No added Artificial Preservatives, Colour, Milk, Soya, Corn, Wheat, or Yeast". I don't believe lactose intolerance would prevent you from taking acidophilus, but to be safe, read the label.
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