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Anybody try Prerelief? Balmeal lotion?

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Hi, the GI doc gave me samples for Prerelief, apparently a brand-new OTC product for helping to prevent acidity problems caused by normally acidic-producing foods. Anybody familiar with it? I may try it from time to time only when I'm going out to eat and "afraid" of what I might be eating (otherwise, at home, I'm on a special diet).Also, anybody hear of Balmeal (sp? can't read doc's writing)'s for an entirely different problem: anal fissures.
I thought I'd ask before I rush out there and buy the product.
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Hipjan, Ive never heard of etiher, but please let me know how the stuff for the fissure turns out. I have one, and its been a real battle. I just posted a question for you on my post about fissures, you had said you have one. is the home page.Depending on your symptoms you may want to do a trial at home before doing an out to eat experiment. Just so you know how well it works, etc before you trust it in a less controlled situationHere's something called Balneol?? K.
thanks, k!
my, you are sure quick on the ball, there!hmmm, balneol is lotion for rabbits?!? who knows, that could indeed be the correct spelling.everyone, Prerelief is primarily a form of calcium, a form I'd never heard of. you can go to the website and ask for free samples. (or, let me know, but I could even mail one or two of you a sample...I was given so many samples!) any IC sufferers out there? Prerelief is supposed to help quite a bit.
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I didn't look that close (when I typed in your interpretation of his hand writing into www.drugchecker. com balneol is what came up as a sound alike)...the second hit on google link doesn't work, but this is what it says:Balneol/Balneol Soothing Perianal Cleansing Solution... BALNEOL. Category: ASTRINGENTS. Trade Names: BALNEOL. Dosage Forms: BALNEOLSOOTHING PERIANAL CLEANSING LOTION 89MLS. Back to Main Formulary Site. ... - 10k - Cached - Similar pagesHold on let me do a Yahoo search (I don't think the bulgarian travel sites would be useful)try this one: rl=BrowseResults%2Easp%3Fprodtype%3D16[/URL] chYN=N&subFolderID=1[/URL] After all if it's gentle enough for a bunny rabbit how bad can it be.K.[This message has been edited by kmottus (edited 01-16-2001).]
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Hi my urologist gave me Prelief to help with irratable bladder. It really made a differance. The main ingrediant in Prelief is calcium so I found I get the same relief from taking plain calcium.
Hi HipJan,I've used Balneol for years for anal itching and it's very soothing. I usually follow it with a tissue soaked in Witch Hazel (cheaper than Tuck's pads) and then Prep H. I found that using just the Balneol felt good in the short term but over several days actually increased the itching.I use the Balneol when I don't have time to soak my butt in Epsom Salts in warm water. This works best for me, at nighttime before bed, followed by Prep H. The balneol can be hard to find, I have to call Walmart pharmacy and order it special.
I use Balneol lotion religiously. It cleans the anal area like no other product. Even if you think you are clean....this lotion goes even further to clean you! As a result, my entire anal area is without irritation. I like using it especially before going to bed at night. It is a little expensive but worth it as it doesn't take much. I order it through the AAPP Pharmacy and it costs about $10.00 a bottle. Anyone find it for less?
Then maybe I'll buy some! Thanks for the info. Right now, though, even Baby Wipes seem to be working rather well for me.
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