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i'm actually *kinda* old, i'm 25. of course, in the "real world" i'm still very much a young adult, but on the other side of it, i'm probably easily the oldest undergrad at my school.i'm sure there are a handful of ibs'ers on here who are later-on college students, the trick is tracking them down.would *I* be helpful to you in some way? on the one hand, my mindset has been on college and nothing much else since high school (though i wasn't always *in* college continuously, due to ibs, classroom-anxiety, and all those issues). so i still have a rather "college guy" mindset for a 25 year-old.on the other hand, though, i've been through about 7-8 years of all kinds of college experiences and have surely picked up on a lot of things that the typical college kid wouldn't.anyway, feel free to share your thoughts/questions....methical
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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