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I am diagnosed IBS from a gastro doc 5 years ago. My "normal" flare up pain is fullness and burning in my upper left abdomen. I DO have a change in my stools during the flare and either get C or D, usually both.

My flare ups avg 3 weeks long. The pain is real and like a 6 or 7 in severity. It hurts to bend over as it feels like there's an orange in my abdomen. I do notice that gas seems to get stuck there. I find myself wanting to rub the area and use compression to help it feel better. I've noticed lately that I'm a bit nauseous too. I don't eat gluten because when I do it seems to be the primary cause of this type of flare, but I could be WAY off.

Because my recent blood panel looked great and my previous CT scans don't show anything suspicious in that area (other than a diverticuli that isn't infected at this point) my GP thinks there's a chance that I'm having recurring pain because of restricted blood flow to that portion of my intestines. I am really healthy other than being overweight. I eat a plant based diet, don't smoke, exercise daily, etc. Anyway, he wants me to have a scan with dye in my blood to check this out.

Have any of you ever heard of something like this? He says it's not very common and there's not always something they can do about it except surgery in severe cases. He called it mesenteric aschemia? I'm having anxiety just thinking about this.

Thanks friends,

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