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Anyone have night sweats?

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I've been having nightsweats since my first pregnancy in 2003, i just had another baby 4 months ago and I assumed the night sweats were hormonally related, but now that i'm not pregnant anymore I still have them and have been trying to find out why. Blood tests ruled everything out, so I was thinking maybe it's IBS related and wanted to know if anyone here ever has night sweats?Thanks-N
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hi cadia, yip i have been getting these damn things for years, after i got my hystie, i have had hrt but didnt help at all. Infact i have just not long woken up , i fell asleep on the sofa for 3 hrs, my clothes were sticking to me you'd have just thought i had came out of the shower..i totally sympathise with you.
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I've read numerous books on IBS and nightsweats was not mentioned in any of them as symptomatic of IBS. I would find it more likely an indication of repressed memories of alien abduction during your sleep. I would suggest setting up video surveillance cameras around the bed, and wearing a football helmet to bed lined with aluminum foil. Another very obscure possibility is that your blankets are too hot, and you need to lighten the bedding.
Healthwise--I'll wear the aluminum foil and helmet to bed if you think it's good for night time power surges and middle-age
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Hey Cadia, those night sweats could be a side effect of a Rx medication or a side effect of coming off of a Rx medication.Char
Pregnancy and delivery is a common trigger for thyroid disease. Night sweats is one of many symptoms I had prior to my thyroid disease diagnoses. A simple blood test can check your thyroid...but often you have to specifically ask to have the thyroid seems to be the LAST thing doctors think of!
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night sweets me too. My periods and hormones are all messed up so I get them. I hang one foot off the bed to get cold. It really work. Try itKat
blankets too hot!! aye right!! that is not why im getting night sweats, my body is not producing oestrogen thats why i get them,
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Hmm, my husband has thyroid disease and never has had a night sweat. Maybe because he is of the weaker sex.Char
i sleep with nothing on
and im still boiling hot, i dont put the duvet on me so J has it all to himself (wee swine)
i have had my thyroid checked,its normal!The reason im getting these night sweats (i get it during the day too) is because i had a hystie, i honestly didnt think they would last this long, its very cold here tonight J has on a t-shirt plus a polo neck jumper, and he says he is still cold, me i have on a morgan, blue vest top, the back of my hair is wet, you would think i just came out of the shower...This is totally
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NOt becuase of blankets. Yes it is hormones. But one of my customers told me to hang one foot off the bed. It gets cold and cools the rest of you down. It really does work for me. Joolie if you are naked while sleeping, you could be hot for another reason????????????? Get your mind out of the gutter. It is hormones.
i have nothing on me and im still hot
hot for another reason?
i wish!
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LOL! The good old thermometer! I do that one too! Just stick a single leg out of the bed to feel the cold and it seems to regulate the heat of the rest of me for some reason. Not that I get night sweats. If anything, I'm the opposite. I always seem to get these fevers when I don't feel well and feel freezing only a fever doesn't register on a thermometer
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tried that screamer, nothing works, thats why i was offered the botox, but after getting injected with 1 needle i had to get the doc to stop..Botox may work for vain actress's actors etc, but for me no thanks it felt like being injected with acid
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I'm a teen and just started having these night sweats (It's fall so I was a bit scared) but now I know its the IBS. Hanging a leg out of the bed or over the cover definitely helps! I don't sleep nude but have had to change into a tank top and shorts on a 30 degree nights b/c of the hot sweats.Meg
I was thinking that it might be my Thyroid so I had it checked 3 times and it's normal, that's why i came on here to see if it might be IBS related, I'm starting to think maybe it is RX related because I take Paxil, and since the Paxil started with the pregnancy i wasnt sure which was the culprit. Probably the Paxil then?
well im still getting them and to be honest they are really getting me down, when im in and out of doors i cant wear a jacket as it gets so unbearably hot, we have had real gusty winds and rain today, i sat outside on the doorstep having a ciggy, my neighbour got out of his car and said hi julie,"are you not cold?) i said i wish, i dont wear a lot of clothes at all because im always so hot...If the botox injections had not been as painful i would have taken the whole course of injections, and maybe it would have stopped this constant flushes..I have asked my doc if its my meds but she assures me its not
What meds are you on joolie, your doc could be wrong, mine said it wasnt my meds either? But what else could it be. I know it's hormones that cause them.
Im on amatrip, venlafaxine, buscopan, and dihydrocodeine, but its not my meds thats causing it, as the sweating started long before i went on them...
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