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Anyone hear of Noni????

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A lady my husband works with has IBS and she told my husband that she has been much improved since taking Noni. Apparently that is short for a much longer name but she said if you just ask for Noni at the health food store they will know what it is. I would just like to do a little research on this and was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this. Thanks.....Granny
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My IBS is very severe and is mostly active in the morning and is linked with C.Because I have seen Noni do wonders with other people I tried it myself to see if it would help my IBS. Because I am plagued with many food intolerances (fruit juice being one of them) I could not take noni long enough to really test it. It started to do some good but major heartburn and anxiety took over as a result of my intolerance.It seems to me that if your system could tolerate fruit juice, noni could possibly help. Others in my family have been helped by noni in the areas of arthritis, flu, skin infection etc.If you decide to try it I hope it works for you and if does please let us know.Joanne
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