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Anyone in the 60's have IBS-d?

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I'm in my early 60's and got IBS about 4 years ago. From most of what I've read on thisboard, it seems to usually effect younger people. Is there anyone out there my age whosuffers from this ghastly syndrome.. disease.. thing?
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Libby it usally starts in younger to middle age, but your not alone.I run two support groups in Oregon and my local one are all mainly older folks. And there are quite few older people in my other group also. Have you had all the testing done by a doctor and have they told you IBS?This is just on D also for you and more common everyday causes to think about.
I almost qualify-I am 59. I have had IBS D for over 14 yrs and thought it would get better when I got older. so wrong. It is worse than ever. As we age, at least for me, life got more stressful. I became a widow 2 yrs ago, now a lot of arguments with my son an only child, lot of money worries,heck can you work at my age with bout 10 health problems?)No one wants you , I have applied til I was blue in face.
Dear Eric - I've read your messages for years now, but I'm now wondering if you are here because ofsupport by a producer of commercial products?Thanks, Libbys
No, you are not the only one; I am 64 and seems like symptoms got worse with age! I know much of my IBS is "stress-related," especially if the stress is sort of something in your life that you really cannot control-similar to what "knothappy" stated! Sooo, you do the best you can and take one day at a time-educate yourself on what will help your particular IBS symptoms; continue to read the many helpful messages on this board, and hopefully, find something that will help you! Here's to better days....Linda
I am 60 and have been IBS for ten years. (Diagnosed by physician and gastro man) I agree, it seems to get worse with the years. Find that many thing I ate for fifty years can no longer be tolerated. Stress level is low, retired.
Dear Ones - Thanks for your replies. I don't feel so odd now.. knowing that others of my age sufferfrom this. (I made a typo in my message headline...Glad you knew that I wasn't asking ifanyone in the 1960"s had IBS ... Correct headline was... "Enyone in THEIR 60's have Ibs?". My symptoms keep me basically at home as I have to "go" after anything I eat. Maybe just a little.. (or a lot of farting.. yikes!), but there is definitely an immediate response. Anyone out there at OUR AGE.. HO, ho., ho.. who has this? Thanks again.Libbys
Libby, I am 61 and was diagnosed with IBS about 6 years ago. It has gotten worse the last few months. I've been having pain before having a bowel movement. My son has been telling me about enzymes, then I saw on this board just a couple of days ago that it was helping some people. I got some inexpensive ones at Walmart, and they seem to be helping me. I take one or two with each meal and I haven't been going to the bathroom after everything I eat like I have been doing for a long time. I know I've been where I hate to go anywhere for fear of having to run to find a bathroom. Anyway, I'd like to hear from anyone else that's using enzymes and what are some good brands? I hope maybe this will help others....
Hi Libbys, I have to laugh when I see you old timers in your 60s on this board. I'm 84 and have had IBS-C for over 30 years.A bout with H-Pyloria few years back and maybe it's causing troubleagain. Pepto Bismol is my main relief. My biggest problem is gas which interfers with my sleep andI need over 6 hours sleep to feel well.I should ask Jeff if there a group of elderly people on this board that I should join instead of you youngwhippersnappers.
Dear Charlie and Memaj - Charlie! Good to you for hanging in there!
You give me hope and a good laugh!Memaj! What kind of enzymes have you bought? The names? I'll try anything!Thanks everyone, Libbys
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I am sixty and did not realise I had been suffering from IBS for years. It was only when my gall bladder was removed,it was found to be rotten and had been poisoning my system. Still got IBS but now its different and not as bad.I can be constipated for a couple of days then I get the griping pain. It can take a few trips to the toilet before finally the bile comes away and I am fine again....for a while. I have not been able to pinpoint any single cause of the bile.I have been taking Linda's advice re. the calcium morning and evening before meals plus one Imodium just before breakfast on work days or going out for the evening
Libby, if you read my messages for years now, it should be clearer to you why I am here, I suffered from severe IBS all my life. This bb was instrumental in making me better along with Mike's tapes, who I met on the bb here and my job is a webmaster and becausee they helped me and others so much I work with Mike, building his websites.I am not selling a product on the bb here. I may however recommend one here and there and of course I am very fond of Mike's tapes esppecially since I have seen how much they help people and how effective Hypnotherapy for IBS is to the general population.They are not the only thing I talk about though in the big picture, in my support groups and here its IBS education, diagnoses, diets meds, phycological treatment ect. ect..I started the first two ever support groups in Oregon here.I do a ton of work in IBS, in pubilc awareness, in websites, and a lot more. At times almost to the point of going broke myself, so I do have a few advertisers on my personal site as this all costs me money and I get almost no donations to my work.From everything I have learned on the bb here and all the research I have done in IBS and all of the connections I have made with the world IBS medical community (a lot) I do have a job with regards to IBS and that is one of the IBS support groups now pays me 150.00 an hour to run the support group on a regular basis once a month.If I calculated what I have put into helping people with IBS (time, money ect.) verses any money I have made I would have given up a long time ago,if I was not here because I seriously care about people with IBS and that is why I am here and that is why I am doing this to help people who suffered as badly as I did for thirty years. Honestly this is not about money or products and it never has been.But I have to fund my work somehow and do the best I can with that and part of that is not selling or recommending anything to anyone that does not have a chance at helping people IBS.Its hard for people to understand perhaps unless they put as much work into all this as I do, perhaps Jeff ands Heather understand (I know they do as I help them and they help me) as they do the same things I do for the bigger picture, not just the bb here. I am involved in IBS reaserch at a GI research group with 12 gastro docs also and maybe one of the only IBS/Patients ever to get research started. My real job is a webmaster though and I have over 250 websites, IBS and gastro doc wesites is just part of them however, but there are many many more.If you have been reading for years, I seriously hope that your seeing that I am trying to help people understand IBS and get better. I am certainly not here to rip anyone off and almost all the people that know me personally know that for sure.I am extremely proud of what I am doing in IBS and how many people I have helped personally and I am extremely grateful (you don't know how grateful) how this bb put me in remission from what I learned here and applying it to my IBS.I went from knowing almost nothing on IBS when I joined here over three years ago to where I am now, by working my butt off to learn it all and having extremely nice doctors and people helping me.Nothing makes me more happy then to see people get better with their IBS. When I first joined here I was suicidal and that is no Joke, so I figured I would learn everything possible on IBS for me, not for anyone else, but to get myself better. Everyone has the potential to do this for themselves.I am here now sharing all the things I have learn back and hopefully they are appreciated even if the information is not, I am still going to keep going.I hope the information I posted above to you might have helped you know your not alone at your age and that the other link might have provided information on everyday things that might be it part helping to generate your d everyday.
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Libbys-- Except for Charlie, I guess I'm part of the seniors too at 70. I've had IBS for over 40 years, and the only thing that worked for me is Lotronex. Yes, it seems to get worse with age, and there's alot of things I can no longer eat. I think even non-IBSers at our age still eat less, anf can't digest the fats we used to, such as gravies. I'm fortunate that there are no othere health concerns that impact life, though. Bill
One other quick note Libby and that is Jeff would not allow me to be a moderator for this bb if my inteensions were less then honorable. Here is soemthing else for you."2. What is the prevalence of IBS? Irritable bowel affects men and women of all age groups and all races. However, it usually strikes young, healthy adults often prior to the age of thirty. IBS symptom onset after the age of forty is less common and should certainly be reported to your physician. In Western countries the impact on the general population ranges from 10% - 22%. Studies indicate that twice as many women are affected than men . Hispanics are slightly less affected by irritable bowel than Caucasians and African Americans. Some studies report a lower incidence in older individuals, but more current studies do not conclusively support these findings. IBS also appears quite common in non-Western countries including Japan, Africa, India and China. It is estimated that 54% of the individuals suffering from IBS do not seek medical care. However, it appears that women seek medical treatment 4:1 compared to men. Barriers to care include embarrassment, fear complaints will be dismissed, fear of diagnostic tests and procedures, and the belief that nothing can be done. The realities of IBS are that the disease is highly prevalent, misunderstood and has a significant impact on the sufferer, the family and individual productivity. "
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I used to use a digestive enzyme I got from Walmart but they haven't carried it lately. I went to a health food store and got one made by Source Naturals called Essential Enzymes. It works way better than the one from Walmart. It is kind of expensive; 60 capsules for about $8, but it is cheaper if you buy the 120 capsules. I just wanted to try it to see how it worked.
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